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Effect of wear-resistant steel ball density on grinding efficiency

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-06-10 14:37:47

Grinding mill is made of wear-resistant steel ball, there are many factors influence the ball grinding productivity. Generally speaking, the same specification of steel balls’ density is of high productivity and low density is of small productivity. mining industry Now brief analyses the effects of ball density on the grinding.

1.First is the material impact. There are different materials such as steel balls, steel, cast iron, alloy steel and so on, different materials are of different density, among which the density of the steel bigger than iron density. Alloy steel varying with the density and the content of main alloy elements.

2.Production method of wear resistant steel ball also has a direct impact to ball density, among which hot rolling and forging steel balls are processed and produced using round steel. As the structure is compact, so the density is high.Grinding Ball Casting steel, casting iron casting alloy ball structure compactness is poor. Due to backward technology, in the ball inside often accrue the blowhole, so the density is small. Ball rolling, forging ball density can reach 7.8g/cm3, steel ball casting density in 7.500g/cm3, cast iron density is only about 7.0g/cm3.

3.Effect of microstructure of the steel ball: the austenite, martensite, bainite, ferrite crystal structure are not the same under different density.


It can thus be concluded that referring to the grinding efficiency, the ball, forging rolling ball’s efficiency is bigger than cast steel and cast iron’s. Mill and Ball Ratio The overseas large-scale concentrator adopts the rolling forging steel ball.


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