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Application of Stainless Steel in construction

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The Function of steel balls’ heat treatment process

Metals are generally subjected to heat treatment, but people are not familiar with the item, now flourishing balls to give everyone a brief look at the metal heat treatment process.

Heat treatment process generally includes heating, insulation and cooling three processes, Reasons of the ball aging sometimes only heating and cooling the two processes. These processes dovetail with each other, cannot be interrupted.

Heating is one important step in heating. Metal heat treatment heating has many ways; the earliest one is the use of charcoal and coal as a heat source, and thus the application of liquid and gaseous fuels. The application of electric heating is easy to control, and no environmental pollution.

Using these sources of heat it can be directly heated, can also be molten salt or metal, as well as the floating particles are heated indirectly.

When metal is being heated, the workplace is exposed to the air, often happens oxidation, decarburization (i.e. steel parts surface carbon content decreased), which after heat treatment parts of the surface performance is adversely affected. Thus metal normally be in a controlled atmosphere or protective atmosphere, the molten salt is heated and vacuum can also be used to protect the coating or packaging methods heating.

The heating temperature is one of the important parameters of the heat treatment process, Selection and control of heating temperature, main issues to ensure the quality of heat treatment. The selection and control of heating temperature is main issues to ensure the quality of heat treatment.

The heating temperature varied with the treated metal material and heat for different purposes; however, it is generally heated to the phase transition temperature or higher to obtain a high tissue. Further transformation requires some time, so when the metal surface achieve the required heating temperature, it must maintain a certain time at this temperature, the temperature inside and outside should be the same, the microstructure transformation complete, this time is called the holding time. High energy density,Difference heat and surface treatment, the heating fast, generally there is no holding time, and chemical treatment of the holding time is often longer.


Cooling is also a heat treatment process is indispensable step. Cooling method due process varies, mainly to control the cooling rate. Generally the slowest one is cooling annealing, normalizing faster cooling, quenching is the fastest one. But due to the different kinds of steel have different requirements, such as empty hard steel can be used as the cooling rate normalizing hardened.


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