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How to make stainless steel ball wear-resisting

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-08-11 14:55:24

Ball can be divided into stainless steel ball, bearing steel balls, carbon steel balls three categories. In addition to stainless steel ball has some rust function, the other two materials of the finished ball will need anti-rust oil protection against rust. Ball bearings used in the bearings, the anti-rust oil is essential for protecting agents and lubricants.

In order to improve the quality of the bearing, energy loss and improve the life of stainless steel ball and reducing the harm to human health, the use of anti-rust oil on its content has some elegant. Rust oil dehydration for existing applications, play a positive role.


Rust oil dehydration is made of dehydrating agents, rust inhibitors, and in light petroleum distillate allocation . After ball bears water-based cleaning fluid through the water-washing, it leaves a water film on surface of the ball . The rust oil dehydration dehydrating agent and the interfacial tension of the metal surface than tap water or water-based cleaning agent solution and the metal surface tension, rust oil dehydration, through its contact with the metal surface of the water film and the metal ball blasting further penetration surface. Attached to the surface of the ball to form a thinner layer of humor, which can play a protective role of ball surface and rust. After the ball bearing assembly used in the process, more wear-resistant and has a long-term anti-rust effect.


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