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The use of the ball mill ball correctly

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-10-12 14:57:59

Small steel ball to add just the first time and with the ball. Because, when the normal operation of the ball mill and ore, steel and reasonable friction between ball mill lining board, will make abrasion increases, in the small ball mill, ball mill for ball. So usually under normal circumstances, do not need to add ball. Add ball is no monomer dissociation in the useful mineral particle size when the fineness of grinding machine can not meet the flotation demand, can add a little ball. Wear of steel ball mill in the process of operation continuously, in order to keep the ball charge filling ratio and the ball of the reasonable proportion, maintain the stability of ball mill operation, must be reasonable for the ball, DiChang wear.

Steel ball add weight, it is according to the quality of the steel ball, steel ball quality, determines the ore tons of adding consumption, had better use the new wear-resistant steel ball, such as using the train wheels with special processing of forging steel ball on the wear-resisting.

New installation of the ball mill has a run-in period, in the running-in process, the amount of steel ball for the first time to add, 80% of the maximum loading ball of ball mill, the proportion of steel ball added can be according to the size of steel ball (Φ 120 ㎜, 100 ㎜ Φ, Φ 80 ㎜, 60 ㎜ Φ, Φ 40 ㎜) size added. Different models of its ball mill ball quantity is different. For example MQG1500 x 3000 largest ball mill ball quantity 9.5-10 tons. For the first time to add steel ball ball (120 ㎜ and 100 ㎜) accounted for 30%, 40%, Reasons of the ball aging the ball 80 ㎜ accounts for 40%, 30%, small ball (60 and 40 ㎜) accounted for 30%.

Why in the process of ball mill in ball mill ball only add 80%,because after installation of ball mill, ball mill need mesh size, capacity are to be gradually increased, with ball mill normal running in two or three days in a row, pick up to check the size of the gear meshing, everything is all right, open the add the remaining 20% steel ball mill manhole covers the second.

High chrome steel ball is mainly used in grinding machine mining condition is relatively poor metal processing industry, mines and thermal power energy.

Low chrome steel balls are widely used in cement industry, chemical industry, power plants, and other fields

Golden ball mill with chromium wear-resistant alloy cast steel balls of ball mill features: high hardness, low wear, Quality index of high chromium steel good toughness and do not break round, broken. Widely used in cement, chemical fertilizer, silicate products, new building material, refractory material, black and non-ferrous metal ore dressing and glass ceramics production industry, etc. In use process, the ball will further improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, and can improve the grinding machine production capacity, improve the cement specific surface area and recovery. Proved by many users, the factory of the wear resistant chromium alloy cast steel ball could keep higher grinding efficiency for a long time, the relative stability of the ball diameter and size distribution, is advantageous to the production of ball mill, stability and improve quality, reduce the ball, a clearance.


Products of our factory in cement mill during normal operation, every tons of cement production: consume 70 grams or less, low chrome steel ball single storehouse broken rate of 1% or less; High consumption of 30 grams or less chrome steel ball single storehouse, broken rate of 1 ‰ or less. Low chromium consume 80 grams or less forging single storehouse, broken rate of 1.5% or less; High chromium forging single storehouse consumption of 40 grams or less, breakage or less 5 ‰. In coal-fired power plant of the normal operation of coal mill, grinding coal per ton: consume 150 grams or less, low chrome steel ball single storehouse broken rate of 1% or less; High chrome steel balls single warehouse cost 60 grams, or less breakage rate of 1 ‰ or less. In metallurgy, mining,characteristics of forging production chemical and other industrial and mining enterprises according to the buyer conditions to determine the steel ball attrition and breakage rate.


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