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The advantages of hot rolled steel ball

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-08-20 15:03:28

Hot rolled steel ball is a new kind of rolling technology, is the process of ball mill ball manufacturing technology breakthrough, is gradually replace the casting ball, hot-rolled steel ball has the following features:

A, hot-rolled steel ball has all advantages of steel, after heat treatment as a high quality ball mill ball2, high efficiency, large output, rolling the ball production mechanization, high degree of automation, no manual production, employing less and less interference from human factors.

Three, stable quality, high hardness, good hardenability and dense microstructure, small grain size, deformation, steel ball all not deformation, do not break round, wear-resisting performance is good, the impact toughness up to 12-35 j/cm2, broken rate is less than 1%;Four, low energy consumption, no pollution, low labor intensity, low production costFifth, forming good, geometric tolerance is small, stable quality.

Six, low wear rate, long service life, is the existing cast iron ball, Classification forging steel ball 2 ~ 5 times, and the price.

Seven, ball hardness can reach 60 ~ 67 HRC, inside and outside equilibrium hardness, hardness difference < 5 HRC.

Eight, the impact toughness up to 12 ~ 35 j/cm3.

Nine, than big (7.8 ~ 7.85 J/cm3).

Rolling steel ball is a new kind of rolling technology, there are a lot of advantages, so what are the process of hot rolled steel ball?

1. The round steel bar after inspection, according to the specified length shearing ChengGangQiu billet.

2. The steel ball billet in continuous furnace heated before rolling to the right temperature.

3. Red state of billet are fed into the ball mill, in between the two with special spiral groove roll rotation, and are continuously rolling ChengGangQiu. Each ball mill 60-360 per minute can be rolled into a ball.

4. Rolling into a red state of steel ball immediately after entering the factory specially designed online quenching - tempering heat treatment, heat treatment equipment make steel has high and even hardness.

5. After the inspection qualified products sent to finished goods warehouse, for packaging the coma to the customer.


Steel ball production methods generally have forging, rolling, semi-solid forming and casting four categories. Due to historical and mineral processing industry is a holdover some special conditions of use and integrated environment, the background, in the industry, forging and rolling occupies a large proportion of the ball. The semi-solid forming with unconventional casting, it is not the simple die casting can explain the characteristics of the qing dynasty, as a kind of be like casting, forging, casting advantages formed by both the advanced technology of excellent performance and cause the attention of people. While casting steel ball with its simple, flexible, and reliable mode of production, easy to realize the expansion of large-scale production in low investment advantage, especially when experts and engineers face furnaces use all kinds of advanced technology and alloy composition design, play to the endless imagination, Large diameter steel ball another one to create a newer, more advanced varieties, to meet the needs of the competition brought about by the sense of accomplishment, more very person can experience. Course of cost-effective and sustainable development of the ball potential, making it the current crushing industry especially cement grinding ball is in the way of production.


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