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Three factors of Choosing forging grinding balls

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-12-08 10:14:17

In the field of powder engineering industry, for forging steel ball are familiar with this new type of wear-resistant materials.It not only has the good performance-to-price ratio, and smooth surface , compact structure, high impact toughness, good wear-resisting performance.In addition, because it has the character of steel, steel ball also has a uniform hardness, no breakage, abrasive resistance, high impact value, using integrated high efficiency etc.

As the forging steel ball is used more and more widely, so how to choose the appropriate forging steel ball?What kind of factory is appropriate?There are three main factors, respectively quality, price and after-sales, the following specification about them.

Quality, it is one of the most important distinguishing factor of choosing the forging steel ball .The quality of the forging steel ball is required,it will be eliminated if can not meet the corresponding requirement , which from another aspect reminds manufacturers should pay attention to the quality of the product.

Price, the price is not only important for forging steel ball factory, the purchaser.For purchasing ,lower price, more better, but from the forging process of steel ball, it is impossible.Thus the price of forging steel ball are questionable.

Purchaser is more worried about after-sales, because forging steel ball is high consumption product, high quality and perfect supporting services can ensure good use of steel ball.

If we can do, it has great hope to win orders.


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