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Goldpro held the international project signing ceremony for the first time in 2014

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-12-25 14:45:24

On January 28, 2014, in the joy atmosphere of New Year , the signing ceremony between Goldpro and a Chile company was kicked off in conference room in Goldpro. Our general manager, Hongxi Feng, presided over the ceremony . Zengliang Li, Jisheng Pan, tao Chen, etc-- government officials attended the ceremony. The Chile company has ordered 5000 tons of grinding steel balls, with the amount of $5,000,000. The representative of the Chile company visited Goldpro's production workshops and R&D center. He spoke highly of Goldpro's products, with special characteristics—high hardness, strong impact toughness, high resistance-ability and low breakage rate. Finally, both parties reached a long-term cooperation intention, which is the demand of 100000 tons grinding steel balls. Congratulations!


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