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Steel Grinding Ball of Goldpro

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2015-01-24 14:54:17

Grinding media are widely used in thermal power, cement, mining, metallurgy, basic engineering, defense and other fields, and plays a vital role in the industrial field, the future is bound to become information, biotechnology, energy, environmental protection key materials, space and other high-tech fields, and the commanding heights of the national high-tech development in the strategic competition.

Due to the wide range of applications, grinding materials market is huge, ball mill grinding castings for the meter,market space at least 125 billion yuan, while the application of the milling energy-saving technology for downstream enterprises save 30% or more. Energy efficient grinding balls ratio technology will be a year for the thermal power industry to conserve power consumption of 44 billion kWh, saving power consumption 67.06 billion for the cement industry, saving power consumption of 0.63 million degrees for the alumina industry, saving for the iron ore industry power consumption of 6.81 million degrees.

Hebei Goldpro New Materials Technology Co., Ltd increased enterprise technology digestion,strengthen the self-maintenance efforts of imported production equipment,has trained more than 500 equipment maintenance workers,to grasp a of milling steel ball, rolling ball,forging ball, powder processing,large diameter PE pipe maintenance of a large number of imported equipment,effectively reduce the cost of production.


Our company seek state development,there must be the right direction,advanced concepts and outstanding team,but also to maintain the balance.High-quality products,the refinement of the management for the enterprise into the genes of Evergreen.The company provide customers with the wear qualified ball,construct the grinding ball academicians workstations, provide technical support to meet the diverse needs of customers.


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