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Advantage of Goldpro Grinding Steel Balls

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Welcome to Goldpro, where you will find high quality grinding steel ball products and services at competitive prices.

Our main products included: forged steel balls, rolling steel balls, and cast steel ball, which widely used in ore dressing industry.

Grinding steel balls is necessary for ball mills, our products have the advantages as follows:

1.High hardness, and hardness gradient uniform distribution.

the gap between core and surface hardness within 2~3HRC, which guarantee the balls with good roundness.

2.Low breakage rate, according to the industry standard in our country, the breakage rate of ball is less than 1%.

3. Good mechanical properties, in processing, the balls quenched in water,

subsequent tempering. Keep the ball under 180~220 celsius, make sure the ball have good impact properties.

The mechanical properties of steel balls have good effect to the mill liners and ball mills.

4.Chemical composition, the raw materials of our products are alloy steel bars which the chemical composition is stable and accurate.

5. Overall quality control, we established our own quality inspection center and

in processing, treatment by gas, low energy consumption, and no pollution.

During wet processing in ball mills, never output heavy metal element which will pollute the water and soil.

We manufactures steel balls, grinding rods, rolling grinding cylpebs, which special for gold mine, silver mine, cooper mine, iron mine,and molybdenum mine.


Welcome to the concentrator plants all over the world inquiry our products.


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