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Introduction to the material properties of Goldpro GN-3A series of ball rolling and forging ball

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The characteristics of this model series of ball rolling and forging ball steel ball are: high hardness: 25-100 diameter ball hardness ≥ 58HRC, realizing the core hardness gradient ≤ 2HRC; high abrasion: steel ball with high carbon, high silicon, high manganese steel, high chromium special, realizing high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance; impact resistance: the impact toughness > 12J/cm2, which is 3 times of cast ball; fatigue, low broken: 3.5m machine fatigue life > ball test 20000 times (industry standard YBT 091-2005 provisions: fatigue life > 10000), crushing rate < 0.5% (industry standard YBT091-2005 requirements: broken rate < 1%); the ball through the process of professional equipment on-line heat treatment, transforms into Martensitic high abrasion resistance. Special wear resistant steel produced by our company can completely replace by adding a single element to improve the hardness of chromium cast ball. History steel ball.

In order to make the grinding balls and all kinds of grinding medium with the required mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, improving production efficiency and reduce production costs, in addition to a reasonable selection of materials and forming process, heat treatment process is often essential. Iron and steel is the most widely used material in mechanical industry and the microstructure of iron and steel is complex. They can be controlled by heat treatment, so steel heat treatment is the main content of metal heat treatment. In addition, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium and its alloy can also change its mechanical, physical and chemical properties by heat treatment, so as to obtain different performance.


The function of the heat treatment is gradually known by people in the development process of development from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Four Principle of Mill and Ball RatioEarly in 770 BC ~ 222 years ago, Chinese has found the performance of copper and iron changed along with the changing of temperature and pressure from the production practice. Softening treatment of white cast iron is an important technology for manufacturing tools.


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