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How to determine the reasonable installed capacity of grinding balls

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Grinding operation means grinding ball in ball mill grinding crushing the ore, which is a very important link in the production process. steel ball It has a profound impact on technical and economic indexes of mineral processing plant. So, determining the reasonable ratio of grinding ball mill in the production and research and improving work efficiency have very important significance. Now take the ball mill as an example, if the ore occurrence and Realization of ground depends mainly on two aspects: on the one hand, in the mill grinding object -- ore its mechanical strength. It determines the ore breaking mechanics characteristics and it is a fundamental parameters calculation of ball size. The research shows that the breaking force of ore is more suitable for the dissociation of accurate calculation of grinding to ball size natural broken ore.

Grinding Ball In general, it is a basic invariant parameter on the other hand, the working parameters of mill; it determines the force condition of mill. In the process of production, it should be based on the different nature and purpose of the grinding process and regulates the mill operating parameters reasonably to change the force condition of the mill in order to improve the grinding process of energy conversion efficiency which is an adjustable parameter. In order to improve the grinding efficiency as the goal, to discuss reasonable ball loading technology mill. Grinding Ball Development The techniques include mill reasonable ball loading amount (filling rate), calculation method of ball diameter, ball reasonable mix and add the proportion of the 4 main basic parameters, which to offer a reference for mineral processing workers in the mineral processing production.


Ball mill ball can be divided into two types: forging steel balls and casting steel balls, according to the manufacturing operation. Hebei Goldpro New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a one of biggest manufacturers in China, specializing in producing ball mill ball. It produces steel ball with diameter of 20 mm- 150 mm, including forged steel ball and hot rolling steel ball, used for ball mills with diameter of 1.5m- 11 m, applied for power station, ore mines, chemical, etc.


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