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How to make an accurate analysis of the market situation of coal grinding machine steel industry development

Source:Hebei Goldpro New Ma Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2013-10-07 16:25:10

For accurate analysis of the market situation of coal grinding machine steel industry development,grinding balls it requires a combination of industry’s supply and demand relations changes over the years and predict and analysis ball mill industry’s development trend with the combination of qualitative and quantitative. So as to provide authoritative, sufficient, reliable decision basis for the enterprise development strategy, investment decision-making and enterprise management.

We need to make a survey and analysis of the following contents:

Induction of the model of industry chain, definition of industry chain, steel ball definition of industry chain, content of industry chain, industry chain type and industrial chain model.

"Potter's five forces model” analysis of ball mill industry environment: the existing competition among enterprises, potential entrants, substitute threat analysis, analysis of the bargaining power of suppliers and the bargaining power of customers.


Environment analysis of the development of coal machine grinding ball market; ball rolling strength analysis of the development of the industry, weak analysis of the development of the industry development, development opportunity of the industry, development threat of the industry.


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