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The new high efficiency and energy saving gas furnace Editor:goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-11-27 17:22:24


The furnace shape: It divided into three continuous sections: preheating section, heating section and soaking section. The characteristic is: High production efficiency, control the temperature precisely, Process applicable widely, efficient and saving energy.
Heating way: The Burner is direct flame and flat flame with German technology The heating takes the ways of convection and radiation. The burners are arranged in the top and the side of the furnace. Each burner is matched with manual gas gate valves, gas control electromagnetic valve, Air-fuel ratio valve, Air electric butterfly valve, flame lighter, flame detector, combustion controller and Safety spawning system.
The full production lines adopt Germany Siemens PLC controller, the Japanese island electric (with PID auto-tuning function) table automatic setting control furnace temperature control instrument. The accuracy of Instrument is 0.2 magnitude.
There is controlling and testing temperature points in different districts in the furnace. To power for automatic control and power percentage automatic adjustment control
Every temperature zone point using dahua multipoint recorder, continuous track record, precision: 0.5 magnitude


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