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1.The has a strong force of 118 million register capital, it covers more than 100 thousand square meters

2.The establish of the academician work station can supply the technical support for the customer’s diversification demands

3.Periodically call visit customers, timely get the information that the customer’s demands, do the reply and implement to the client’s opinions and Suggestions timely.

4.If the hardness and the size are not accord with the customer’s need, we will send our technicals to the customer’s company immediately to solve the problem timely

5.Our service is full tracking service, that is we can supply the technical support from the delivery until the use procedure of the products.

6.The company has professional technical service team to supply the timely efficient service for the customers. If the customers have the requirement to the site, the technical must indicate the time that when can be arriving the site clearly.


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