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Difference between forged steel ball and casting steel ball

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2013-09-18 14:28:28

Now the mill steel ball on the market can be divided into two types according to the manufacturing process technology: Casting and forging. But the wear degrees are not the same. Due to crushing, ball need good wear resistance and toughness, which usually made of alloy steel, high manganese steel, cast iron and other materials and with forged or casted once-forming method. It is more economic with the corresponding heat treatment process technology. Mill steel ball can be divided according to the process technology and materials: 1. Forged steel ball: low carbon alloy steel ball, medium carbon alloy steel, high manganese steel, rare earth chromium molybdenum alloy steel ball; 2. Casting steel ball: characteristics low chromium cast iron balls, medium chromium cast ball, high chromium cast iron grinding ball. Now on the market which ball is best? Now let's analyze: 1. Forged steel ball: good surface quality, good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance and it is not easy to be broken and lost round. The metal heating temperature up to 1050 ℃ (plus or minus 50 degrees), use of metal billets forging machinery pressure, the processing method of plastic deformation in order to obtain a certain mechanical properties.


It has a certain shape and size of forging. Forging (forging and stamping) is one of the two major components. By forging it can eliminate the as-cast porosity and defects of metal in the smelting process and the microstructure is optimized. At the same time, as it preserves the metal flow and integrity, Grinding Cylpebs the mechanical performance generally is better than forgings castings with the same materials. An important part of high load and harsh working conditions related machinery, in addition to relatively simple shapes and can be rolled plates, profiles or welded parts, mostly use forgings. In addition, forged steel ball to wear must choose the most wear resistant material, such as the national standard 60Mn, 65Mn, materials of high wear-resistant alloy steel or products researched and developed by some independent company. We adopt a national oversize steel production of steel, which is also a kind of materials and it is unequal referring the quality in different steel production and forgings quality 80% depends on the quality of the materials, such as high manganese steel, good impact resistance, Forging steel balls strong toughness, good wear resistance and not easy to be broken. Because of cheap price, economic and durable characteristics, forged steel ball is favored by the majority of users, such as the international mining giant Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Anglo gold all use of forged steel ball.


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