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Four Principles of Mill and Ball Ratio

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The Collocation between steel ball and ball mill exist certain principles. So, what are these principles?

1, According to the power of the main motor of ball mill ball allowed determining the amount. Fill space load rate is in commonly 25% - 35%, ball load rate is low and the power consumption is also reduced, but the productivity is low. Therefore, prerequisite of verify the total weight is to add the steel ball and material in the mill and the weight is less than allowable value close to the ball mill and motor power.

2, Determine the maximum steel ball diameter.

3, Measure the ball ratio and steel ball surface area to reach the rationality. The warehouse steel ball surface area of steel per ton reach 9.5 - 10.5m2, for closed-circuit ball milling with roller press, this value can be adjusted to 12 - 14m2/t steel ball. The liner is a continuous improvement. The ball into the two bins in the specific surface area is 35 - 38m2/t steel ball; with roller press is 38 - 40m2/t steel ball. The entire specific ball diameter ratio still should be calculated in terms of the maximum packing density.

4, Match with the principle of ball main functions of each bin the ball, and combined with the liner type. A barn feeding clinker particles up to 30mm, and all its main role is to broken. So, the diameter of the steel ball load should be between 50 to 90mm. Clinker into the ball mill chamber second is less than 2-3mm, Dry Ball Mill Introductionso it is the role of fine grinding, which the storehouse ball range should be 15 - 50mm. Because the fine grinding is grinding and with a single size ball (20 - 25mm), which lined a single waveform lining board can achieve the highest efficiency. If the two cabins can still choose a certain range of steel ball diameter, it can adopt grading lining plate and let the ball near the partition board, small ball in the discharge end.


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