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Analysis of the problems facing the development of mining industry in our country

Source: Editor:Goldpro Visit: Release time: 2014-05-21 14:19:05

Analysis of the problems facing the development of mining industry in our country: the mineral resources dwindle, increasing the difficulty of mine ore beneficiability, relatively backward technology, shortage of talent, technology, information scattered, state enterprise and mine must carry on the system summary of the beneficiation technology, mining technology and our country actual situation of mine production from two aspects of theory and practice and fully realizing the integration of technology resource scientifically.

The underground mining of the ore is called the ore; ore generally consists of useful minerals and gangue. Beneficiation ball The ore grade is low and it cannot directly smelting, which need to carry on the processing, remove most of the gangue and harmful ingredients and make useful mineral enrichment and concentrate for the next step to use. Process of this processing of ore is called dressing. For example, black tungsten ore generally contain a large amount of gangue minerals, such as quartz, after dressing removal of gangue large amounts of quartz and so on, the tungsten minerals enriched, become concentrate products. Some ore contain harmful elements to the smelting process, such as sulfur and phosphorus in iron ore concentrate, their content can not be too high, or make iron brittle hair. Especially some polymetallic ore, which contains the metal components such as Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe are often mutual damage during smelting, only after dressing to get a plurality of concentrate products can be respectively smelting. In addition, such as technical and economic effects of processing on smelting is also very obvious,, Forged Balls and Casting Balls copper concentrate grade is increased from 15% to 16%, the recovery rate is increased by 0.1 - 0.15%, the production capacity increased by 6 - 8%, fuel consumption reduced by 6 - 7%; and as the improvement of iron concentrate grade 1%, then the blast furnace pig iron production can increase 2.5%, coke rate decreased by 1.5%.


To sum up, the purpose is to remove the large gangue mineral content in ore and harmful element, make useful mineral enriched, rolling ball or to make all kinds of useful mineral paragenesis separated from each other, get one or several useful mineral concentrate products. Visible, dressing is very important for the development of mining and making the full use of the mineral resources.


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