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Advantages and Characteristics of Ceramic Grinding

Source: Editor: Visit: Release time: 2017-05-11 09:53:23

First, the advantages of ceramic grinding ball?

1, quality and size size and purity can be selected according to different needs to meet all the grinding requirements;

2, ceramic grinding ball small grain size constant media and even the smallest wear;

3, save time: high density and perfect roundness to provide greater grinding efficiency, thus saving time;

4, can save costs: high impact strength and wear resistance, reduce replacement costs.

5, high hardness, bulk density, corrosion resistance, etc., its crushing efficiency and wear resistance is much better than ordinary stone or natural pebbles, ceramics, glass, enamel, paint, chemical plant thick hard material grinding and segmentation The

Good quality, high efficiency, save time and money, in full compliance with the industrial production concept, which is the ceramic grinding ball can survive in this market reasons, in order to better meet the industrial production needs, manufacturers will continue to its improved!

Second, the production and wear of ceramic grinding balls

There are three kinds of production methods, the first is to carry out different degrees of impact, from the high-altitude fall and then contact with the raw materials in contact, this approach is very suitable for other spherical material contact, to fully play a role. The second way is to slide, porcelain ball and porcelain ball between the sliding friction can produce powder-like material, the third way is to roll, with the power of the machine to promote the ball rolling, to promote the occurrence of the reaction.

There are two main ways of wear, the first is the macro wear, that is, we can see the naked eye, grinding ball in the gradual consumption of the final disappearance is caused by the wear process of the fracture. The second is microscopic, is caused by the plastic deformation of the wear process that is difficult to observe that he is smaller, can have a long life, ceramic grinding ball belongs to the second.


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