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Goldpro Production centre conference Editor:goldpro Visit: Release time: 2017-05-19 15:46:30

In the first paragraph, flag ceremony

Goldpro in order to improve the staff's work enthusiasm, in order to reduce the production cost and at the same time improve the quality of the production of wear-resistant steel ball, and other products, set two flags, flag "production mode" and "quality pacesetter" banner, a team like want to get quality pacesetter title, you must try all means to improve the product percent of pass, a team like want to secure a production model, have to produce the qualified product, but also reduce the production cost at the same time;To production, qualified indicators to achieve the best value of yield and cost reduction, pacesetter team to achieve production.

In the second paragraph: book award ceremony

Gao Changyong teacher team after the post-project ceremony, left our company, before leaving, the high teacher gave each a book company staff - "disciple gauge".Today company production time of the conference, to distribute the books to each employee's hands.

Mr. Feng has always stressed that we need to make three enterprises, the first is the learning, so in terms of learning, for each employee issued many intangible benefits, hope everyone can at the same time, in the work progress, so I hope every time we each employee to seize the opportunity to learn, only to the brain investment is the only earn not to compensate, only we have more knowledge and skills, to better service, family service, service company.


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