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Building on decades of experience, we work alongside our client-partners to design and develop innovative technologies and services that improve their business today and into the future. We develop solutions that help mining and metal companies reduce costs, save energy, limit environmental impact and improve working conditions for their employees.



We are a company with a strong industrial background, and sharing the long-standing principles of an industrial group, we can better understand the needs of our international partners. We are more than three thousand forward-thinkers, men and women who take a proactive approach to problem solving in every business area in which we operate, and are continuously seeking new, cost- and energy-efficient ways to resolve the problems our clients are facing.

Together, the people of Goldpro share a strong sense of passion for what our company does. By channeling this passion through professional expertise, we are able to anticipate trends and transformations within the industry, helping our clients identify and take advantage of new opportunities the moment they present themselves.

We have earned our position as one of the industry’s most trusted leaders by relying on a distinctive business approach that supports every project we undertake. This approach can be summed up in four key pillars: Innovation, Reliability, Sustainability and Safety. We believe in on-the-job passion, and actively seek out professionals who truly love what we do. Their contributions to our business have helped make Goldpro the industry-leading company it is today, and their passion is the driver behind our business approach.



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