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Africa: be full of thorns and traps of iron ore in the new world Editor:goldpro Visit: Release time: 2017-07-15 17:23:28

Africa is rich in mineral resources and unique, has great potential for exploration and development.As a piece of untapped land, is full of resources and opportunities on the African continent.African iron ore, meanwhile, can break the monopoly of the three mines, add a new force to the world's iron ore resources supply.

一. The African iron ore distribution:

Iron ore resources are mainly distributed in the republic of South Africa, followed by distribution in the democratic republic of the Congo, Gabon, guinea, Mauritania, Morocco, Egypt, Liberia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and other countries.

The past thought that South Africa is Africa's largest iron ore resources, iron ore reserves of 1 billion tons.Now guinea simao Du Hening bashan region of iron ore resources, has more than 7 billion tons, has become the first big iron ore resources African countries.
Referred to as "global magnet for" China, is currently the world's largest iron ore market buyers.But because the supply of iron ore is mainly composed of vale, Rio tinto and BHP billiton large monopoly in mines, lead to steel mills in our country under the control of the rising of the price, and say in iron ore price negotiations.
In this context, steel mills to develop other iron ore resources is particularly important, African iron ore resources are rich.At present our country is Africa and South America as a focal point of the global iron ore resources layout to reduce on the dependence of the three mining giants around the world.
But, want to develop the iron ore is faced with many problems.

二. Development of African iron ore difficult:

Firstly, the infrastructure construction is in the development of Africa is an important and controversial issue, African governments are scrambling to upgrade infrastructure to promote economic growth and development of low carbon economy.In the next five years, about $1 trillion infrastructure development in Africa.
In recent years, China's iron ore investment in Africa


Second, China west Africa is very far away, compared with the Australian ore, ore in Africa will not have a cost advantage, so how will compete with four big miners?
High quality iron ore in Australia has been exhausted, and three miners in Australia currently have resources grade is low.If you look at the proportion of China's imports of iron ore from Australia and Brazil, Australia and Brazil about the ratio is about 2:1.
Imports from Brazil is Carla, the ore is high quality iron ore, and from west Africa to China, by means of shipping faster than from Brazil to China one day.
Africa energy prices cost is lower, while Brazil's energy costs is about 4 to 5 times of Africa, artificial cost is 20 times in Africa.
But China also produced a lot of abandoned during the failure of the investment, than the mountain steel iron ore project in sierra leone tang kerry.

三.Shandong steel investment billions mines were shut down

Announced in July 2010, the African minerals, have entered into a memorandum of understanding and mountain steel group, shandong steel group will to tang in project investment of $1.5 billion, kerry won 25% interest of the project.
If single market before and after 2010, iron ore prices are rising range, the investment of mountain steel is cost-effective.
According to the previous agreement, mountain steel group can purchase 10 million tons of iron ore each year according to the discount.In June 2012, 170000 tons of rights and interests of the ore from sierra leone to shandong iron and steel, it also be regarded as the two sides entered the stage of substantial development.
However, mountain steel group with Africa mining "win-win abacus" played only less than three years, and may be irreparable rift appeared at the end of 2014.
In 2014 iron ore prices fell $70 / ton, together with the ebola outbreaks in west Africa, lead to the rise in the cost of mining, African minerals in December 2014, according to the announcement caused by a lack of working capital, mines have closed down for sierra leone area.
Previously, some Banks, including standard chartered and citigroup, offers a $250 million loan for African mining company, as a former export financing.The state mining, according to the announcement in sierra leone in tang kerry project is the only asset.Mine suddenly shut down, directly affect to repay loans.
African mining companies listed in London, said the loan of the outstanding amount of $166.7 million, since November 2014, has been in the default state.Mountain steel group to pay immediately.
In addition, in the tang dynasty on the percentage ownership in the kerry, although holds jointly for the African mining and shandong iron and steel, but the state mining stake of 75%.African minerals in a statement, said there is not enough money to repay the debt.
This means that the lender shall have the right to dispose of its 75% stake by African minerals, and a controlling stake in tang kerry changed even bankruptcy liquidation, will be mountain steel group is not willing to see.
Itself from the equity share, mountain steel group was more subordinate status, once appear problem, will be very passive, but it also reflects the enterprises care more about cost considerations.
From the state mining company, according to tang kerry in the iron ore is located in sierra leone in west Africa, currently proven reserves of 10.5 billion tons, the average grade of 30%.
An iron ore market, he says, is that the grade of the same way as many domestic iron ore, steel is some further.
, it seems to a person close to the mountain of steel in purchasing ore in front of the feasibility study, especially in risk considerations, such as mountain steel made.
Shandong steel of the encounter, for domestic counterparts overseas purchase behavior, alarm again!


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