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Forging steel ball production process

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1, the traditional process: As the name suggests is forged from the steel ball, the use of air hammer on the raw materials forging to a certain amount of deformation, increase the compression ratio, so that the wear-resistant ball structure more compact, improve toughness and hardness. The traditional process needs to be cut in accordance with the size of the first, and then use coal or natural gas will be heated to a certain temperature, air hammer forging, heat treatment, product testing traditional processes have too many drawbacks, the most important production efficiency, product quality Control led to individual differences, serious environmental pollution, workers labor intensity is very large, thermal radiation and noise radiation and other serious harm to the health of workers. Raw materials: the raw materials required for forging steel balls - round steel, all ordered from the national large steel mills, and can be different wear-resistant steel ball special requirements, special processing. Raw material heating: We use energy-saving induction bar heating furnace for heating, can ensure that the whole piece of raw material temperature uniformity and greatly reduce the raw material loss, heating the raw material uniform temperature can ensure that the wear-resistant steel ball in the heat treatment process hardness uniformity. Heat treatment system: through the development of water quenching heat treatment production line and scientific heat treatment process, you can freely control the wear-resistant steel ball into the water temperature and water temperature so that forging wear-resistant ball from the surface to the core of the higher hardness and also has high toughness, Broken rate is very low, in a variety of harsh working environment to maintain the stability of wear-resistant ball.
2, oblique Zha process: With the development of the times, the traditional process gradually fade out of the stage of history, replaced by the oblique process, the basic idea of ​​the technology is to use the electric furnace to the whole bar of steel, through the conveyor into the roll, through Motor and reducer drive roll rotation, the roll can use its own ball slot design will be high temperature round steel slanting into the ball. There is no need for cutting, no need for air hammer forging, greatly improving the production efficiency, workers labor intensity is greatly reduced, by the noise and other hazards are greatly reduced, oblique bar technology is forging steel ball leap-style development The process has a lot of defects, the most important is the surface quality and roundness and so on, oblique bar technology out of the ball surface of the ball with skin, lack of meat, over burning, protruding, roundness and other defects, and oblique bar technology When the ball diameter is greater than 50mm, the steel ball out of the indicators are not meet the relevant standards. Diameter greater than 90mm steel ball, oblique bar technology has been unable to produce.

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