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Comparison between hot - rolled steel balls and cast steel balls

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Cast steel ball surface roughness: cast steel ball pouring parts in the use of the process prone to flat and deformation and round, affecting the grinding effect.
Casting steel ball loose: the use of casting molding, the ball inside the organization is coarse, in the course of the use of high breaking rate, impact toughness is small, the greater the ball, the greater the mill, the greater the chance of broken.
With the development of the times, cost accounting has affected all industries. This requires compression costs, so - high efficiency, high stability, high-quality hot-rolled steel ball technology came into being.
(YB / T 091-2005) specializing in the production of a variety of hot-rolled ball mill ball. Ball diameter range Φ20-Φ150mm. Rolled ball mill used in the blank is a variety of chemical composition of hot-rolled round bar, the diameter of the ball with the nominal diameter equal. Hot-rolled steel ball The main production process is as follows:
Round bar bar after inspection, how much ball with a large diameter of the round bar.
The steel ball blank is heated to a suitable temperature in a continuous heating furnace before rolling.
The red hot billet is fed into the steel ball mill and rotated in between two rolls with special spiral holes and continuously rolled into steel balls. Each steel ball mill can be rolled into 60-360 balls per minute.
After the rolling of the red hot steel ball immediately into the factory specially designed on-line heat treatment equipment for quenching - tempering heat treatment, so that the ball to obtain a high and uniform hardness. Not suitable for wet grinding: cast steel ball wear depends on the amount of chromium, chromium content is higher and more wear-resistant, but the characteristics of chromium is easy to corrosion, the higher the more easily chrome corrosion, especially in the ore sulfur, As the above wet grinding conditions, the use of chrome balls will result in increased costs and reduced production. Such as cast steel balls (high chrome balls, chrome balls, low chrome balls), forged steel balls, rolled steel balls can be called grinding ball, where the grinding effect of the ball can be called grinding ball.

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