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Humanistic care
Sustainability report
Technological development
Environmental care
Mine service
Humanistic care

Goldpro is the “AAA-level labor relations harmonious enterprise in Hebei Province” recognized by the Hebei Provincial Federation of Trade Unions;

Goldpro promotes the company's rapid development by establishing “three-type enterprises” (learning  pattern ,innovation  pattern and value  pattern), improves the global grinding industry continuous saving energy and reducing consumption, achieves the win-win situation with users for a long time!

Goldpro’s strong social responsibility: pay full tax, prosper regional economy, provide jobs, stabilize social development, and provide long-term assistance to students and families in need;

Humanistic care: All employees have regular physical examinations twice a year. The labor protection products are well-dressed and have monthly safety training and safety theme meetings.

Sustainability report

Goldpro’s products belong to the encouraged category in China's Catalogue for Guiding Industry Restructuring;

Goldpro’s  has  well executed Safety Education, effective Safety Drills ,sound and well implemented Safety System , effective preventive measures. Safety hazards are checked and rectified in time, and safety accidents are 0.

Technological development

With strong research and development strength, Goldpro has mastered the core technology of products -- with more than 100 core patented technologies, and the products have achieved the long-term echelon of generation-- Use one generation, reserve one generation, research and development one generation.

Environmental care

Goldpro uses electricity and natural gas, which is without pollution.

Goldpro has obtained the certificate of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Goldpro is a nationally recognized Safety Production Standardization secondary enterprise, has obtained the certification of work safety standardization .

Mine service

Goldpro has a complete after-sales technical service system and a strong technical support team, which includes team of Academician Qiu Guanzhou from Central South University, the team of Professor Wu Caibin from Jiangxi University of Technology, and Professor Wang Baoqi from Hebei University of Technology, and  technical team from Goldpro. The service team provides mining grinding  optimization service to continually save energy and reduce consumption for the end-users.

VIP customer mine service includes:

1. Dynamic inventory management.
2. Grinding ball adding service.
3. Flowchart optimization services

Urgent service

Contact us by Tel, Fax, Email, Whatsapp, Wechat and Skype etc., 7*24 hours
1. For domestic customers
We will response within 1 hour after receiving the message. We can solve the problem through  phone or email, or we can go to your site within 24 hours.
2. For foreign customers
We will response within 24 hours after receiving the message.We can buy the tickets within 72 hours.

- Mine condition on-site investigation
- Analysis of mining conditions
- Initial assembly proposal
- Grinding media customized proposal
- Grinding media grading proposal
- Energy saving and consumption reduction
- Safety stock both in factory and on site
- Customized service
- Production tracking service
- Crushing, grinding and flotation optimization service
- Experts service
- Improving production capacity and efficiency, saving consumption
- Improving concentrate quality