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In golden October of this autumn with Osmanthus fragrans, Goldpro new material Co,.Ltd which is located in Yanzhao land surrounding by great Taihang mountain, has successfully issued falling ball impact test equipment with world highest falling height that is proved to have most testing efficiency, advanced  testing method, most accurate test result and dependency as well as stability.


Goldpro’s falling ball impact test equipment is mainly for testing balls’ impact breakage force and anti-fatigue life which is important procedure to ensure highly efficient and safe operation of SAG Mill and Ball Mill. Diameter of world largest SAG Mill is about 42.7 feet, around 13 meters. It has about 10.5 meter falling height. In order to meet test requirement, Goldpro has invested a lot to develop the equipment with effective falling height of 14 meters of which performance to test ball toughness and fatigue life is too much higher than actual working condition requirement.

After falling ball impact test equipment installed, Goldpro has tested 5’ (around 127MM) and 5.5’(around 140MM) steel balls for many times. By over 120,000 times dropping test continuously, Goldpro’s steel ball has no drop piece, no deformation and zero breakage. Each batch of balls for Rio Tinto and BHP must be tested by falling ball impact before delivery to ensure quality with no defect. Actual performance responded by customers of our balls kept consistent with test result which proved simulated application of Goldpro’s falling ball impact test equipment was highly dependable and consistent with actual working conditons. What’s more, customer praised that Goldpro’s steel ball has longer wear life, higher hardness so that cost was less but profit was more.

Post time: Mar-09-2021